Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Double Header

We have a friend who is a CAT for a local university.  They were playing nearby today so we went to watch the game.

SAC Museum

Yesterday, we went on a field trip to the SAC with the entire homeschool co-op.  It was really fun.  A bit much for FigNewTon, but worth the expenditure of energy I think.

We enjoyed the warmth and the sunshine waiting to go in.  

A little more waiting for the presentation to begin.   

They had an inflatable planetarium even.

Then there was a time of learning about our solar system.  

Lastly, we went to a hands on room where they learned about comets, meteors, and asteroids.  It was nice to see the older children interacting with the younger children and teaching them.

I think it is so good for children to be together in a learning environment like that.  I am always blessed by how respectful the older children treat the younger children, how patient they are with them, and how much the younger ones adore the older children and teens.

Also posted on our homeschool blog.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Once Again

I had a post typed out and ready so that all I had to do was push publish. A post that expressed all of my fears yesterday. A post that I hoped and prayed I wouldn't have to post. A post that I am so glad the world is not seeing today.

FigNewTon is sick. Again. With some unidentifiable problem that is sapping her strength and energy. And although we still don't know exactly what is wrong with FigNewTon, we do know what is not wrong. That is a great place to start.  

So today when we got home from all the doctors that FigNewTon needed to see, we spent some time having fun and praising God in the beautiful evening air.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just A Reminder....

Check out Autumn's post today about TBI's.  Thanks.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Update On Butterfly

My friend Autumn is doing a series of posts this week on TBI's.  I figured this would be a good time to give an update on Butterfly's brain functioning.  

Butterfly is doing well.  She has probably progressed as far as she is going to, short of a miracle.  

Most of her memories are re-filed correctly and in chronological order.  Occasionally we will come across something that she hasn't previously remembered and it is out of order, but for the most part, she is able to put things in context rather quickly when that happens.  

Butterfly is having emotional outbursts much less frequently.  This is partially due to the medication that is helping her to control the impulses and partially due to keeping her life very scheduled but it is also partly due to her growth and healing in this area.  

She still struggles with busy places, loud noises and bright lights.  All of these diminish her ability to focus and increase the probability that she will have an emotional outburst.  For this reason, it is unlikely that she will ever be able to work a typical job.  We are working to find ways that she can support herself when she is grown that accommodate her special needs.  She is currently trying to learn about cake decorating in the hopes that she can start a business in a few years.  I have no illusions that she will move out of my house for quite some time.  In that way, I have had to readjust my parenting clock.  Kind of a bonus, if you ask me.

She is completing grade level work at a much slower pace.  She can successfully focus on a maximum of three subjects a week, generally no more than two per day.  She alternates between the two subjects.  Whenever she gets stressed or overwhelmed by the harder subject, she will "take a break" by focusing on a simpler subject.  She is also having to become accustomed to not getting A's; or at least not getting them easily.  Currently, she has a C- in Biology.  That is hard for her because before her accident, she was a straight A student who participated in extra-curricular activities and never cracked a book.  

Butterfly has recently been allowed to participate in normal risk activities for the first time in three and a half years.  This feels good to her.  She also recently went on her first spend the night since the accident.  That was an acceptable risk because she hasn't passed out or fallen asleep spontaneously in over a year.  She did struggle the next day with her emotions and had to go to her room to calm down, but did quite well overall.  

For the most part, she responds appropriately for her age.  This is mostly because she has learned what is age appropriate, not necessarily because she feels and thinks like an average 16 year old.  Occasionally, she will be unable to cover and show those around her exactly how young she is thinking.  She also never regained the ability to lie or recognize sarcasm.  She struggles to understand jokes of any kind.

Butterfly is a different person than she was before the accident.  In some ways, it is just that certain aspects of her personality were amplified due to the injury.  Also, though, there are some things that are just gone.  We have all had to adjust to the new person that she has become.      

Through it all, I am confident that God is in control.  I do not believe He caused the accident, but I know that He protected her in so many ways that day and in the months that followed.  We are no longer sure if Butterfly will be a missionary when she grows up but even that is something God could accomplish if it is truly His plan for her life.  

I tried to copy Autumn's post today here for you all to read, but blogger isn't cooperating.  So, drop by and read what she has to say and then go back to read the rest of the posts she will write on the topic of TBI's this week.